How to Pick Up A Girl in Toronto, ON

There are many ways to pick up a girl in Toronto or in other places for that matter. You need to understand though that to succeed you have to have the right method, be in tuned with your instincts, and know the right timing to pull it off. All of these elements demand practice. But when you are able to master the basic principles, you will have a much higher chance of success. Here are some tips on how you can pick up women in different scenarios by Attraction by Science, a renowned Toronto PUA and dating coach.

Picking up a girl on the street 

Picking up a girl on the street is all about getting her in a conversation for at least 2 minutes. This sustained interaction can make or break your efforts so instead of worrying about what to say, be interesting enough for 120 seconds.

The next thing you need to master is the tone of your voice. To say that you need to build rapport is not enough. You need to first address your tone when you talk. Many guys have a high inflection in the end of their sentences which can be a turn off for girls. Instead use a tone that you use when talking to a close friend. This should make the girl comfortable talking with you.

You are not sure what you sound like? Record your voice in your phone and practice to make it sound more relaxed and casual. When you mind these pointers no situation in the street would be impossible for you to conquer to pick up the girl of your dreams.

Picking up a girl in a mixed group at a bar 

The moment you come inside the bar, start talking to random people. Allow yourself to be noticed and be curious who you are. Be sociable. Introduce people to each other. This further improves your position in the “game”.

When you see a girl you like, strike up a conversation with her. This would be easy because you are already familiar to her with you all over the place. If you are unsure about her take on you, find a social reason why you want her number (maybe you are hosting a party at home and you want to invite her). This will be your means of communicating with her.

Without the pressure of a date, the both of you can enjoy the friendly exchange. You will know if the relationship has a chance to progress into a more serious commitment.

Picking up girls on the dance floor 

You do not have to be a good dancer to pick a girl in the dance floor. First you need to understand that girls on the dance floor are guarded. The girls on the sideline however, are more relaxed and open for conversations.

The first thing you need to do is to pick up a group of girls in the dance floor and dance with them one by one, allowing them to have fun with you. Since you are a bad dancer they would not mind the awkward moves. They just get into your act because you are fun.

After dancing with those girls, go to the sidelines, approach the girl you like and start a conversation with her. It is this girl you are really after and guess what, she probably realized you’re such a fun guy on the dance floor.